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The following is a instructional progression for our kids from T-ball (age 4) to Pony (Age 15).  It is very important that we instruct our players on the fundamentals of the game and introduce new concepts at every level of play.  We are here to coach and instruct first and we must ensure that our instruction is on task and clear.

T-Ball (4-5)
  • Throwing technique/progressions
  • Basic fielding progression (infield and outfield)
  • Hitting - eye on ball
  • Roster bat, take field and then reverse order 2nd time up
  • Baserunning
  • Intro to Coach Pitch
Mighty Mites (6-7)
  • Throwing mechanics/progressions
  • Introduce situational play
  • Coach Pitch
  • Hitting - Stride/load/swing
  • Batting rules - 3 swung strikes - six pitch total
Hybrid / Kid Pitch (8 years old)
  • Introduction to kid pitch
  • Introduce pitching with wind up mechanics
  • Continuation of situational play
  • Continue to develop hitting from Mighty Mites
  • Introduction to catchers and catchers equipment
Minors (9-10)
  • Introduce pitching with wind up mechanics
  • Introduce stealing - after pitch crosses plate
  • Progress situational play
  • Hitting - introduce bunting
Majors (11-12)
  • Steal with lead off
  • Advanced pitching skills progression/windup/stretch
  • Pitching - introduce changeup/pickoffs/holding runner
Pony (13-15)
  • Pitching - introduce breaking pitch
  • Pitching - fine tuning pick-offs and holding runners
  • fielding - introduction to plays and shifts
  • Hitting - opposite field approach
  • Hitting - power vs. contact

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