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Concord Youth Baseball League

Pony Rules

Age cut-off (birthday) 4/30
# of weekly games* 2-3
# of innings per game 6
Game start time 6:15 or 6:30PM
Game time limit 2 hrs., start last inning before 8:15pm (8:30pm) & finish, max. end time 8:45pm (9pm)
Run limit per inning None
Mercy rule 15 runs after 4 complete innings (coaches can decide to continue playing after mercy rule is reached, though game is officially over)
End-of-season playoffs** Yes
Fence distance No restrictions
Pitching mound distance (raised or flat) 60'
Base distance 90'
Game balls 9 in./5 oz., 2 provided by home team
Preferred number of Umpires per game 1 umpires (certified) (2 for playoffs)
Minimum number of players to start game 8
Mandatory play time 6 defensive outs (does not need to be consecutive)
Call-ups permitted From same age division or one level down
Metal spikes allowed Yes
Non-permitted attire by pitcher No white sleeves, sunglasses (prescription ok), batting glove under mitt, jewelry
Pitching restrictions (pitch count) Pitches/Days Rest 1-20 = 0 21-35 = 1 36-50 = 2 51-65 = 3 66-95 = 4
Pitcher re-entry as pitcher No
Pitches permitted Any
Pitcher warm-up by coach Yes
Intentional walk Advance runner, don't pitch
Balk Yes
Hit batter limit Replace pitcher on 3rd hit batter
Visits to mound 1/inning, pitcher must be replaced on 2nd visit in same inning
Catchers - # of defensive innings Unlimited
Catchers required equipment Catcher's mitt, cup, chest protector, helmet (throat guard optional)
Catchers permitted to pitch Yes
Catchers pitching restrictions None
# of outfielders 3
Bat restrictions Max. 2 3/4" diameter w/"official" baseball marking
Continuous batting order Yes
On-deck batter Permitted inside fence on side of batter or per field rules (donuts ok)
Lead offs Yes
Steals/advancements limit (not on a play) Unlimited
Dropped 3rd strike Yes
Head-first sliding No (dive-back permitted)
Courtesy runner Use last out to run for pitcher/catcher when there are two outs
Infield fly rule Yes

Additional notes:

·       OHSAA rules apply if not specified by above

·       Insurance must be carried by each community

·       Background checks for coaches are the responsibility of each community

·       All players must be registered through community recreation leagues (but can live in a different community)

·       Roster limits are at the discretion of each community league

·       Recreation team rosters should be as balanced as possible if more than one team in a respective division

·       Community league boards may place players one level higher than their age group if they deem it appropriate

·       Umpires are to be scheduled/paid for by the home team

·       Recreational teams will play a minimum of 12 games in a regular season, plus playoffs


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