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Concord Youth Baseball League

Pony Rules

Age cut-off (birthday) 4/30
# of weekly games* 2-3
# of innings per game 6
Game start time 6:15 or 6:30PM
Game time limit 2 hrs., start last inning before 8:15pm (8:30pm) & finish, max. end time 8:45pm (9pm)
Run limit per inning None
Mercy rule 15 runs after 4 complete innings (coaches can decide to continue playing after mercy rule is reached, though game is officially over)
End-of-season playoffs** Yes
Fence distance No restrictions
Pitching mound distance (raised or flat) 60'
Base distance 90'
Game balls 9 in./5 oz., 2 provided by home team
Preferred number of Umpires per game 1 umpires (certified) (2 for playoffs)
Minimum number of players to start game 8
Mandatory play time 6 defensive outs (does not need to be consecutive)
Call-ups permitted From same age division or one level down
Metal spikes allowed Yes
Non-permitted attire by pitcher No white sleeves, sunglasses (prescription ok), batting glove under mitt, jewelry
Pitching restrictions (pitch count) Pitches/Days Rest 1-20 = 0 21-35 = 1 36-50 = 2 51-65 = 3 66-95 = 4
Pitcher re-entry as pitcher No
Pitches permitted Any
Pitcher warm-up by coach Yes
Intentional walk Advance runner, don't pitch
Balk Yes
Hit batter limit Replace pitcher on 3rd hit batter
Visits to mound 1/inning, pitcher must be replaced on 2nd visit in same inning
Catchers - # of defensive innings Unlimited
Catchers required equipment Catcher's mitt, cup, chest protector, helmet (throat guard optional)
Catchers permitted to pitch Yes
Catchers pitching restrictions None
# of outfielders 3
Bat restrictions Max. 2 3/4" diameter w/"official" baseball marking
Continuous batting order Yes
On-deck batter Permitted inside fence on side of batter or per field rules (donuts ok)
Lead offs Yes
Steals/advancements limit (not on a play) Unlimited
Dropped 3rd strike Yes
Head-first sliding No (dive-back permitted)
Courtesy runner Use last out to run for pitcher/catcher when there are two outs
Infield fly rule Yes

Additional notes:

·       OHSAA rules apply if not specified by above

·       Insurance must be carried by each community

·       Background checks for coaches are the responsibility of each community

·       All players must be registered through community recreation leagues (but can live in a different community)

·       Roster limits are at the discretion of each community league

·       Recreation team rosters should be as balanced as possible if more than one team in a respective division

·       Community league boards may place players one level higher than their age group if they deem it appropriate

·       Umpires are to be scheduled/paid for by the home team

·       Recreational teams will play a minimum of 12 games in a regular season, plus playoffs

        Some games will be played at other locations than Lamuth. This is an effort to get other communities involved that don't have the registration numbers CYBL has.


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