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Concord Youth Baseball League

Minor Rules

Regular Season Games per Week
Regular Season Practices per Week
Games will be schedule Monday through Friday
Due to # of games, practices will limited to Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Make-up games supersede practice with notice by 10pm on prior night.
Scheduled Innings per Game 6 Losing coach has the option for MERCY @ 15 point lead after 4.
Coaches can mutually agree to fewer innings but no fewer than 4
Umpire can call last inning due to weather (unlimited run rule applies)
Scheduled Start Time 6:15 PM Home team bats last and occupies 3rd base dugout
A new inning cannot begin after 8:15 PM
Umpires Yes - 1 - Stands behind pitcher or catcher (umpire choice).
- The umpire has the FINAL say on all calls. Coaches set a positive example.
- Umpires have the authority to eject a coach or player from the game.
- HOME HC will give umpire $60 per game from the CYBL Treasurer
- The umpire may determine that due to weather / darkness that the last inning is being played, the umpire must verbally state to both managers that it is the "FINAL INNING" in that event the UNLIMITED RUNS rule is applied, managers, remind the umpire of this at your mandatory meeting at the plate prior to the game.
- A mandatory pre-game meeting at home plate with both managers and the umpire shall take place prior to the start of each game
Pitcher warm-up by coach Yes 5 - 7 pitches
Pitchers may re-enter a game Yes Only the starting pitcher may re-enter a game but is still subject to the pitch count cap.
Pitching Restrictions 1 - 20 = zero days rest
21 - 35 = 1 days rest
36 - 50 = 2 days rest
51 - 65 = 3 days rest
66 - 75 = 4 days rest
75 pitches in one game is the cap. The pitcher is only permitted to exceed 75 in order to finish a batter.
Hit batter limit Yes Replace pitcher on 3rd hit batter
Intentional walk Yes Advance runner, don't pitch
Balk No Advance runner
HIT BATSMAN Yes A pitch that hits the ground (dirt) and then hits the batter is ruled as a HIT BATSMAN. It is a DEAD BALL and the batter takes first base.
Catchers permitted to pitch Yes
Catchers required equipment Yes Complete set of Catchers Equipment and Cup - extras in the concession stand. Catchers can use their own baseball mitts in this division; catchers mitts are not required. If preferred, the league will provide.
Minimum # of players to start game 8 Coaches with fewer than 8 players can borrower players from the opposing team assuming the opposing coach agrees, or can work with the Mighty Mites Commissioner to promote a player for one game.
# of outfielders Maximum of 4
Mandatory Play Time 9 defensive outs / 3 defensive innings Coaches are encouraged to rotate players but there is no minimum or maximum number of innings a player can / must play in a specific position (other than Pitcher who is subject to a pitch count).
Game balls Rawlings 12U Each HC will receive a bucket of 30 game balls and 12 practice.
Bat restrictions Yes Max. 2 3/4" diameter w/"official" baseball marking
Pitching mound distance (raised or flat) 46'
Base distance 65'
Fence distance 200 feet from apex of Home Plate
Run Limit per Inning 5 runs per but unlimited 6th UNLIMITED RUNS LAST INNING: No game will end in a tie, if the game becomes too dark and the umpire calls the game, the winner will be decided by reverting back to the last full FULL inning to declare the winner.
Visits to mound Yes 1/inning, pitcher must be replaced on 2nd visit in same inning
Catchers - # of defensive innings Unlimited
Continuous batting order Yes
On-deck batter Permitted along baseline to the back of the batter.
Bunts Yes
Lead offs No
Stealing Yes
Dropped 3rd strike No No dropped third strikes. However, this is a "live ball" situation, and runner(s) may advance at their own risk to another base.
Head-first sliding No (dive-back permitted)
Restricted Gear Metal Spikes
Courtesy runner Only if baserunner is injured
Infield fly rule Yes
Scoring Home Team Owns the Score Home team has the game book and texts the score to the commissioner and the away coach after the game
End-of-season playoffs** Yes Four teams with the best record will advance - single elimination
All-star Game Yes Yes - HC of each team will nominate 3 players.
Had some questions about stealing home - should the catcher have to walk the 3rd base runner back? Seemed majority agreed they should have to but it slows down gameplay


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